Aflac Critical Illness Insurance

Aflac Critical Illness Plan

We know that having health insurance is important however, we’re also aware that health insurance does NOT cover 100% of the costs associated with a major critical illness event.  Aflac’s critical illness plan is here to help with some of those out of pocket expenses such as co-pays and deductibles so that you can focus on recovery .

Why You Should Consider a Critical Illness Plan

There’s no warning with a Critical illness and with a major health event come unexpected bills.  We can’t plan for a heart attack or stroke but hundreds of American’s experience them daily. In the event of a covered diagnosis, Aflac’s critical Illness plan pays a single, large-payout or lump sum benefit amount.

Our policies help with bills your health insurance doesn’t cover, and the cash benefits are paid directly to you and typicall deposited in your bank account within 72 hours.

We don’t pay the hospitals or doctors, we pay you, and your funds can be used at your discretion: use them to pay additional medical fees or put them towards your daily living expenses.

Critical Illness Plan

Initial Diagnosis

Upon the diagnosis of a covered illness, you receive a lump sum payout up to $20k (plans vary).

Subsequent Critical Illness Event

Up to $10k is paid to you in a lump sum, upon the diagnosis of a new covered illness, or the return of a former covered illness.     Aflac is there to help you focus on recovery not on the bills.

If you’re covered by Aflac’s Lump Sum Critical Illness policy, your benefits are paid directly to you.

Your cash benefits can be used for everyday expenses, future care, medical bills, or any of your daily living expenses.

Differences Between Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance

Critical Illness and Cancer policies alike are offered by Aflac and the plans feature different benefits. Often, policyholders choose to invest in multiple plans. Exploring all your options is the best way to ensure a more holistic and supportive approach to coverage.

Generally speaking, cancer insurance is for individuals who have received a cancer diagnosis, and it’s designed to cover treatments for the disease, but also to assist with day-to-day expenses. Cancer insurance typically covers a broad range of cancer treatments, including urgent and preventative remedies. 

With a good policy in place, cancer treatment costs are much more manageable.

Lump-Sum Critical Illness Policies are for individuals who experience strokes, heart attacks, or other life-changing health events. Such policies provide lump-sum cash benefits to be used at your discretion, such as for surgery, future care, or every day living expenses. Insurance of this type may help provide coverage for illnesses not covered by our specified disease or cancer insurance policies.

Cost of Critical Illness Plan

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you can focus on your recovery, not be preoccupied with a shrinking bank account. Critical Illness coverage helps you focus on your top priority: getting better.

Fortunately, you can obtain Aflac’s critical illness coverage for the cost of a couple Starbucks a week.

Reach out for a free Quote for Aflac’s Critical Illness Plan

There are several factors that affect pricing such as age, tobacco use, coverage and the specific plan you opt for.   Reach out and we can help talk you through what plan is best for you.