Cecilia Amo is an attorney specializing in Wills, Trusts, and Kids Protection planning.

She serves people in all stages of life - from single young adults to growing families to those about to retire.

Her passion is to give the average middle-class families the estate planning tools that have previously only been accessible to the wealthy. Cecilia is also specially trained to provide the Kids Protection Plan® which fills in the gaps left by traditional estate planning to ensure that minor children are never taken into the custody of strangers or anyone their parents wouldn’t want to raise them if the worst happened.

Cecilia’s process begins with an in-depth Legacy Planning Session where she educates her clients about the law and their options so that they are empowered to make the best choices for their families.

The fee for this 2-hour Session of personalized legal advice is usually $750, but this fee is waived for any of Elizabeth’s clients.

You can book here and use promo code: PROTECTMYFAMILYNOW

After passing the California Bar Exam in 2006. Cecilia began her career at one of the world’s most prestigious civil rights firms as the first Asian-American to be hired at the Cochran Law Firm in Los Angeles. She spent a decade doing trial work and fighting to ensure that her clients received fair treatment and just compensation in the aftermath of tragedy. Cecilia decided to shift her focus to helping families avoid disaster and protect their families through comprehensive legal planning after seeing the devastating results of the traditional model of estate planning which statistically has a high rate of failure. Now, she works to educate her community about the realities of what happens without a plan and empower them to create a Legacy that is more than just money.